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Opened: December 19, 2014


October: Catherine Jane, Dite,

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Moving Soon Oct 21, 2016
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Hopefully everyone can see this update. I updated last week thinking all my sites were visibly globally but turned out to only be for me. I apologize for the inconvenience of last weeks update. For your patience, everyone may take 1 regular and 1 special card of choice.
We will be moving soon. If you havent already, please take part in our previous updates by getting your freebies. All past updates will be removed when the site goes live on the new host and be aware that we will be under a new domain as well.

Master A Theme : Fina (The Saturdays)
Masters : Fina (jenniferlopez2, oliviawilde1)

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Site Back Up Oct 16, 2016
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Sorry the update did not come on Friday as usually. There was a problem with our hosting again and it didnt get fixed until late last night. Hopefully it will not happen again and hopefully we will be moved to a new host very soon so members please keep a look out for an email with the new info, we will be moving to a new domain.

Master A Theme : Fina (The Voice, Twilight, Vampire Diaries)
Masters : Fina (brianwhite1, demilovato1, emiliaclarke1, rain1) Pam (jenniferlawrence1, johnnydepp1)

Update Freebies: (No more than 1 per deck and regular cards only) I-D-O-L-I-Z-E

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admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively

Idolize is a TCG featuring decks of celebrities in entertainment from around the world. We originally opened back in 2010 and closed but now we are revamped and re-open. Join and collect the stars!

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