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Owner: Catherine
Opened: December 19, 2014


September: Kristi,

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Late Update Sep 25, 2016
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So here's the thing... I started to update on Friday before work but worked longer than expected and it was my sisters birthday so we went out then on Saturday after work we went out again and didnt get home until late so that is why the update we not posted until today.

Master A Theme : Fina (Marvel, The Voice)
Masters : Fina (edwardnorton1, shakira1, vanessawhite1) Kayori (chrispratt2) Pam (scottcaan1)
Games Updated : Card Claim
I am leaving the Scavenger Hunt up for one more week. If you havent played it yet you can find the link in the previous update.
Member of the Week : Cate

Update Freebies: L-A-T-E (No more than 1 per deck and regular cards only)

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New Decks Sep 16, 2016
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I havent finished reorganizing yet but I did get the chance to make 2 male decks so there are new decks released this week!

Masters : Aija (christinaaguilera2, ryanreynolds1, tomhiddleston1) Kayori (hyde1, jamesmcavoy1) Pam (jaredpadalecki1)
Level Up : Kayori (9)
Games Updated : Special game added for this update only, you wont find it on the games page. Scavenger Hunt. You can play it once.
Member of the Week : Erica

New Decks :
Take 5 cards (no more than 2 from each deck) and comment

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Idolize is a TCG featuring decks of celebrities in entertainment from around the world. We originally opened back in 2010 and closed but now we are revamped and re-open. Join and collect the stars!

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