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Owner: Catherine
Opened: December 19, 2014


August: Coco, Nicky, Sassie, Steph,

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Update Aug 26, 2016
Comment: 3

This week has been a very busy week for me (as will next week) so I havent even started on the reorganization yet. I really wanted to get it done within this upcoming week but I dont know if I will be able to.
robertdowneyjr2 deck has been updated (wrong number was on the deck). Please exchange your cards.

Masters : Fina (colinodonoghue1, paulcattermole1, selenagomez2, sp-layouts) Pam (marilynmonroe1)
Games Updated : Card Claim, Melting Pot
Member of the Week : Nicolie

Update Freebies: 1 Regular Card of Choice for each letter of A-U-G-U-S-T (only 1 card per deck and no specials)

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Clean Up Aug 19, 2016
Comment: 6

I have decided to do a bit of cleaning up of Idolize. I want to reorganize all the files, games, etc and do a little overhaul. My new TCG DEMO (a music tcg) is really organized, it helps a lot when it comes to doing updates and other things around the site so I want to make Idolize more like that. I also went through the members list, so if you havent updated in 2 months, link didnt work or you tradepost was missing, you were put on the hiatus list. Im not exactly sure how long this will take and I dont want to feel rushed so please bear with me during this cleaning process. I hope it does not interfere with anything but it might (especially when it comes time to re-coding the layout). I also have ran out of male upcoming decks and I like my new deck releases to be female and male equal so until I can get caught up with that there will be no new deck releases, but there will be freebies!

Masters : Cate (angelinajolie1, chrispine2, josephgordonlevitt1, keanureeves1, matthewgraygubler1, nicolaroberts1) Erica (christianbale1)
Level Up : Cate (11) Erica (9)
Games Updated : Melting Pot
Member of the Week : Joy

Special Cards :
Take 2 cards from below and comment
Update Freebies: 1 Regular Card of Choice

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Idolize is a TCG featuring decks of celebrities in entertainment from around the world. We originally opened back in 2010 and closed but now we are revamped and re-open. Join and collect the stars!

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